Novostead – Building The Future Of AI Together

Building The Future of AI Together

Join Us as we build the most exciting AI ecosystem and Network


Novostead is a Global Networking Platform, that facilitate relations with international stakeholders pushing to make sustainability attainable through innovation, by providing a platform that makes knowledge and network available for collaboration across multiple disciplines including Governments, Institutions, NGO’s, Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Individuals alike.

We are a Global Network and therefore welcome international stakeholders. Institutions and Businesses must be registered, and must have a digital presence such as a website. Investors including, Business Angels, Foundations, Accelerators, Public Funds, Venture Funds, and Incubators, are also welcome on the platform. The platform is also open for individuals looking for jobs, and volunteer work. To register on the platform stakeholders are required to pass through a vetting process to ensure they are right for the platform.

At Novostead we pride ourselves in providing a safe and secure platform for networking and collaboration, protecting our stakeholders including both Entrepreneurs and Investors, through stringent and rigorous vetting.

We do this through a rigorous multi-step process for vetting businesses and individuals that includes both the use of automated tools and manual checks by two or more people. The vetting process includes:

– Verifying Individual Identity  

– Verifying Business Registration 

– Follow-ups

Free. listing on our platform is free.

Here is a glimpse of what you are required to provide for a successful listing on our platform:

  • Registrar’s personal info including name, address, email, social media profiles, etc.
  • Business details such as Registration Number, URL, Business model, Location etc.
  • Business Requirements – i.e. what does your business need help with
  • Business Offers – What can your business offer other stakeholders

There are no costs for creating a business or investor profile. Novostead only charges when users request our help to find the right match


Browse and explore investors, and Sponsors, based on country, type, industry, portfolio references and individual preferences. Thus, the more information you can give about you or the entity you represent the better.


Browse and explore businesses based on country, type, industry, requirements, and offers 

– Disclosure: Novostead will neither be responsible for the dialogue between the startup and the investors nor will Novostead be able to facilitate the investment.

You are able to customise the investment profile with the information you find fitting including how you want to be contacted.