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Welcome to the Green Think Tank

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Meet the Impact Community Stakeholders

Impact Entrepreneurs We give impact entrepreneurs with innovative and eco-friendly...
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12 Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Ask Themselves

No one said that going into business was going to be easy. But, why not give yourself the best of...
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56 Quotes on how Climate Change affects the Natural World

Table of Contents We are not helping the environmental cause by destroying nature's...
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30 Quotes in Favor of Nuclear Power replacing Fossil Fuel

Burning fossil fuels for energy currently account for over 80% of the world's energy supply. Here...
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43 Apocalyptic Climate Change Quotes

The clock is ticking #1 End of civilization: climate change apocalypse could start by...
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15 Inconvenient Truths You Must Know

1. A few individuals hold enough resources to make a real difference There are currently...
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10 Great tips to make a sustainable lifestyle attainable

It is so easy to get discouraged when you base your idea of what it means to live a sustainable...
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