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treat people and the planet with respect.


Novostead is an impact community platform for sustainable development and innovation. We connect social enterprises, impact investors, field experts, and everyday people focused on addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges.

The primary goal of Novostead is to generate meaningful investment into high-quality impact opportunities related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by connecting social entrepreneurs spearheading the next wave of economic growth with investorcommitted to aligning their investment with their values, with the aim to change the planet and people’s lives, and in the process create jobs and encourage economic growth.


Putting The Puzzle Together

It's In The Name


The Latin translation of the Word ‘New’ ‘From the beginning’, ‘Anew’ suggesting innovation, design, and fresh ideas.


The Old English Stede meaning “place, position; standing, firmness, stability ”


A platform and place for innovation. A green tech. A think tank. And network for all things sustainable..

The name Novostead is not just a name, but an intention of everything our brand stands for, our core values.

“If it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled, or composted, then it should be restricted, designed or removed from production.”

– Pete Seeger –


Novostead is
an ecosystem

Join our global community of likeminded stakeholders striving towards a more sustainable future. At Novostead we are all about inspiration and solutions,  gathering and connecting people and organizations using the power of collaboration to share knowledge and  expertise that  enable a better world. The partnerships cultivated on our platform are essential for achieving  sustainable development goals.

Novostead gives entrepreneurs with Innovative and Eco-Friendly sustainable business ideas access to a global support network. We make the process easy by connecting you with the right stakeholders.

Investors are provided with an opportunity to drive the global transition to a sustainable future by aligning investments into high-quality sustainable businesses tackling a spectrum of global and environmental issues.

Governmental & non-gov institutions have the opportunity to collaborate with stakeholders for partnerships that can serve to bring together resources and knowledge to tackle global challenges.

Individual effort can significantly contribute towards advancing sustainable development . Each individual can help tackle environmental issues through skills, labor, knowledge, volunteering, or donations.

Impact-driven mentors serve as facilitators and enablers for social change by sharing their knowledge and field expertise to support and empower entrepreneurs in their effort to bring positive change to our world.

Providing A Global Community Platform

Novostead brings a coalition of stakeholders addressing complex global challanges together on a global networking platform to enable collaboration

Mutually Beneficial Opportunities

Connecting suitable field experts, investors, institutions, and individuals, to projects, enabling knowledge sharing, networking and much more

Transitioning Towards A Sustainable Future

Collaboration is the spark that enhances the implementation of innovative ideas and solutions for the successful delivery of a sustainable circular economy.

Innovation through Collaboration is the key

Making Sustainability Attainable

A Global Sustainability Networking Platform 

Our mission is to be the leading Global Sustainability Networking Platform facilitating collaboration between entrepreneurs, inventors, institutions, consultants, and community leaders, enabling inspiration, innovation, knowledge sharing, partnerships and more.

Make Sustainability Attainable

NOVOSTEAD is committed to environmental sustainability and part of our mission is to drive the global transition towards a sustainable future, using our platform as a springboard that bring together the world’s leading environmental entrepreneurs and investors to address global challenges 


Dream big, Imagine More

Our Mission

Its the only one we have

Our Planet

Making a difference 

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) by the United Nations represent a catalog of global challenges related to environmental, economic, and social issues, transnational in nature and trans-institutional in solution.


These challenges facing humanity are of a magnitude that cannot be addressed by any one institution or government alone. However, require collaborative effort from– Entrepreneurs, Investors, Institutions, Corporations, and individuals alike who are driven to solve our biggest problems.


Innovation is the sustainable solution to addressing global environmental challenges. Novostead is the global networking platform that makes innovation attainable through collaboration

Sustainable Development Goals 500 by 500

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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Novostead is a Global Networking Platform, that facilitate relations with international stakeholders pushing to make sustainability attainable through innovation.

We are a Global Network and therefore welcome international stakeholders. Institutions and Businesses must be registered, and must have a digital presence such as a website. Investors including, Business Angels, Foundations, Accelerators, Public Funds, Venture Funds, and Incubators, are also welcome on the platform.

It is completely free to create a profile and join the platform

There are no costs for creating a business or investor profile. Novostead only charges when users request our help to find the right match

Here is a glimpse of what you are required to provide for a successful listing on our platform:

  • Registrar’s personal info including name, address, email, social media profiles, etc.
  • Business details such as Registration Number, URL, Business model, Location etc.
  • Business Requirements – i.e. what does your business need help with
  • Business Offers – What can your business offer other stakeholders


Browse and explore investors, and Sponsors, based on country, type, industry, portfolio references and individual preferences. Thus, the more information you can give about you or the entity you represent the better.


Browse and explore businesses based on country, type, industry, requirements, and offers 

– Disclosure: Novostead will neither be responsible for the dialogue between the startup and the investors nor will Novostead be able to facilitate the investment.

At Novostead we pride ourselves in providing a safe and secure platform for networking and collaboration, protecting our stakeholders including both Entrepreneurs and Investors, through stringent and rigorous vetting.

We do this through a rigorous multi-step process for vetting businesses and individuals that includes both the use of automated tools and manual checks by two or more people. The vetting process includes:

– Verifying Individual Identity  

– Verifying Business Registration 

– Follow-ups

You are able to customize the investment profile with the information you find fitting including how you want to be contacted.

Be Part of Building A Sustainable Future.

drop us a line and keep in touch

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